Corporate, Capital Markets & Compliance

Ünsal Law is an outstanding team of professionals licensed as Advanced Capital Market Operations Specialists and Corporate Governance Rating Specialists. We meticulously pursue corporate governance and corporate maintenance necessities of our clients. Our vast experience, in-depth knowledge and precise methodology ensure that our clients are fully aware of and compliant with the capital markets and corporate regulations of relatively more challenging jurisdictions.

Our Corporate, Capital Markets & Compliance practice involves IPOs, securities practices, securities fraud, derivative securities and transactions, advice on compliance with Capital Market regulations and requirements, fiduciary duties and responsibilities, incorporation, liquidation, corporate restructuring, crisis management, investor relations, insider investigation, FCPA, UK Bribery Act and anti-bribery requirements and practice, white collar crime, employment and benefit practices, international trade restrictions, and other relevant matters.

Corporate Secretarial Services

Board of Directors resolutions are very important for both privately held and listed companies. Especially after the new Turkish Commercial Code has been in force and with the new Regulations of the Turkish Capital Markets Board, it has become a must for the companies to receive reliable corporate secretarial legal assistance.

Corporate Governance

Ünsal Law governance team works with boards of directors and senior executives to improve governance profile in line with strategic needs of their clients, international best practices and local legal requirements.

  • Acting as independent board members, advising on board composition, and facilitating inter-member relationship management
  • Fiduciary duties of the board and executive officers
  • Drafting policies for the board and committees
  • Compliance requirements in relation to related party and material transactions
  • Corporate Governance Compliance report and other disclosure requirements
  • Improvement of board effectiveness through formal board performance evaluation
  • Fulfilling legal requirements for electronic and conventional ordinary and extra-ordinary shareholders’ general assembly meetings
Family Business Governance

We work with an intersection of family relationships, business and financial rights and responsibilities and translate them into a solid governance system.

  • Family constitution, shareholders agreement, and related legal arrangements
  • Mediation at family retreats and meetings of governing bodies
  • Legal advice and assistance to device necessary structures for preserving family wealth
Investor Services

Combining its legal expertise with outstanding financial communication skills, Ünsal Law assists their clients in improving effectiveness of communication with capital market players, including individual and institutional, current and potential investors.

  • Development of public disclosure policy
  • Advice on possible disclosure requirements of board resolutions
  • Assistance in addressing investor queries, drafting of public disclosure forms
  • Preparing for the general assembly including the necessary applications, meeting agenda and organization of the physical and electronic meeting
  • Representation of international investors in the general assembly meetings

Where We Excel

Mergers & Acquisitions

Ünsal Law’s clients enjoy the confidence and comfort of receiving adept, dedicated, hands-on and efficient legal assistance in their complex and multifaceted transactions.

Litigation & Arbitration

Ünsal Law provides pre-litigation services and advises clients on preventive measures, which are key to clients’ business efficiency and management of legal exposure.

Banking & Financial Services

Ünsal Law provides first class legal services to issuers, underwriters, investment banks, commercial banks, asset managers and other financial institutions, as well as financial borrowers.

Energy & Natural Resources

Our services include regulatory advice, planning, negotiations, drafting and dispute resolution in energy and natural resources industries and environmental matters.

Competition & Antitrust

Ünsal Law offers insightful and effective services in regulatory, litigation and transactional aspects of competition and antitrust laws as they evolve rapidly in Turkey.

Trade & White Collar Crime

Our strict commitment to corporate governance, diligence, duties and compliance best practice provides our clients a reliable and honest support, as well as a robust crisis management.